Arryved Insider Overview (For Members)

Arryved Insider Overview (For Members)

What Is Arryved Insider?

Insider is a loyalty program made by the best POS in the biz. Arryved Insider allows you to engage with your favorite food, beverage, and hospitality businesses. As an Insider Member, you can earn Loyalty Points redeem Rewards, receive Offers, or enjoy any other Perks the business is giving away. This guide tells you everything you need to know about being an Insider Member. 


  • You frequent an establishment that uses the Arryved POS Insider program. 


  • You need to become an Insider Member at each business individually. Becoming a Member at one place won’t automatically give you a membership to the other businesses using Arryved Insider. 

How It Works

Insider Perks

Arryved Insider comes with various Insider Perks that incentivize you to be an Insider Member. Businesses may be using some, all, or none of these Perks. 

  • Please ask the friendly faces at your favorite establishment using Insider, which Insider Perks they are offering. 

Loyalty Points

Businesses using Loyalty Points, allow Members to earn 1 Point per each 1¢ spent on their tab. As a Member, you can cash in these Points for Rewards or Offers

  • You accumulate Points automatically as long as your Insider Membership is identified on your tab when you visit the establishment. 


Rewards are items on the menu that you can redeem for free when you have enough Loyalty Points. 

  • Example Reward: Free pint of draft beer for 10,000 Points. 

  • When you’re visiting, ask the staff if there are Rewards on the menu. 


Offers are promotions, discounts, or freebies, that are emailed to you in the form of a digital coupon. From the email, you can save an Offer to your Insider Wallet and use the Offer on your next visit. 

  • Example Offer: Get $10 off your total bill of $50 or more. 

  • An Offer may or may not cost Loyalty Points to use.

  • Offers have an expiration date. 

Discount Codes

Discount Codes are used when you shop through the business’s online store. 


Some businesses have designed their own Perks that are very different from the ones listed above. Maybe the business has a Mug Club or hands out prizes that aren’t on the menu. Each business has designed their loyalty program to fit their brand. 

  • Ask your favorite food, beverage, or hospitality spot what their Insider loyalty program is offering. 

Signing Up To Be An Insider Member

Sold on the Insider Perks? To become a Member, first, you must know if your favorite business is using the best POS out there, Arryved. They must also be using the Arryved Insider program with their POS.  If so, great! You can become an Insider Member. Below are the ways to sign up. 

  • Once you’re signed up in one of the ways mentioned below, you’re sent a verification email. You must verify your Membership through that email within 14 days to be finalized as a Member. If you don’t, you’re not a Member. 

Private Memberships

Some businesses are running a Private Membership. This means they recruit Members on their own and sign them up manually at their discretion. There may be a waitlist or some stipulations to join. Ask the establishment how you can become a Member.

Public Memberships 

If the business is running a Public Membership, you’re in luck! You can sign up for a Membership yourself through the Arryved POS after you sign to close your tab. 

  1. From the end screen that asks you how you want your receipt, there’s a button that says “Become An Insider.” 

  2. Tap that button to fill out the form and tap Submit. You’ll need to enter your name, email address, phone number, and zip code. 

Insider Portal

As an Insider Member, you’ll have access to your account from the Insider Portal located at From the Insider Portal, you can:

  • View your contact info.

  • See a list of the Insider Programs you’re signed up for and view your Loyalty Point balances for each. 

  • See the saved Offers in your Insider Wallet. 

  • See a receipt history of your last 10 visits. 

  • Browse other Insider Programs to sign up for.

For more information about the Insider Portal, read How To Use The Insider Portal. Please note that some businesses are not using this Portal for their Insider Programs. Generally, Private Memberships won’t use it. 

Are you wondering how your personal information is stored and shared through Arryved Insider? We want to be as transparent as possible! Arryved cares deeply about our customers’ and their customers’ privacy and security. Please read: 

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